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Good hunting love death robots

In early 20th century China, a boy becomes friends with a shape-shifting huli jing after his father kills the huli jing's mother. Years later, living in a steampunk Hong-Kong, they find each other again.


EDIT: read another review where someone said this is silk punk, i looked it up and apparently it is and not steam punk. Good for them I guess. How exhausting it must be to work with that guy. I love Asian mythology, culture, and history and I love steampunk. The story is thrilling, twisted, mature, and magical and full of great symbolism and philosophical depth.

Both the world and the characters are fascinating, and I would love to see more of them. This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth. Good Hunting is a classic tale of magic vs.

I though this episode handled its social commentary really well, and I love seeing magic and automata combined. A simple but captivating friendship and revenge tale. Steampunk and Eastern film fans will love this one.

When Myth meets Mechanics it all goes downhill. Animation is awesome and accompanies a bittersweet story that wraps up its viewers quickly. Keep it simple, keep it focussed, and dive deep into what you have. This spreads it wide, and thin, and feels like it's moving pieces along for the sake of finding the end.

Mixed themes with fan service that distracted from the story and characters. At the same time however, the animation and backdrops were beautiful to look at and the story was interesting, so it was still enjoyable. Given its run time, had the short chosen to solely focus on only one or two of the themes presented racism, sexual harassment, environmentalism, implications of technology, etc Where to watch.

Language English. I think this short made me a steam punk furry EDIT: read another review where someone said this is silk punk, i looked it up and apparently it is and not steam punk So im a silk punk furry. Some Disney animators wanted to try something new. Dicks and tits Good for them I guess. I lost it when he was working on her robo-ass.

So she was a magic cat girl, then a human woman, then a cyborg girl, then a robotic fox??? Magic is cool, tech is magic? Stylish enough, but did anyone on this understand what makes short films effective? Pau no cu dos ingleses. I think I get it.In early 20th century China, young Liang accompanies his father, a spirit hunter, in a bounty for Tsiao-Jung, a Huli Jing, a shapeshifting fox-like spirit. Liang becomes briefly entranced by her and stumbles before his father is able to trap her in a half transformed state.

They pursue her to her den, where Liang meets Tsiao-Jung's daughter, Yan. There, Yan angrily confronts him over attacking them and explains that humans can fall in love with Huli Jing without being entranced by magic. Tsiao-Jung appears, warning Yan to stay away from dangerous humans before Liang's father beheads her.

Good Hunting

When his father asks if Liang saw any pups, Liang lies and allows Yan to escape. Years later, Liang's father passes away as the colonized modernization of China begins.

Liang admits that he was glad his father passed when he did, as he did not believe his traditional father would have been able to accept all the changes coming to China. In that time, Liang maintained a close friendship with Yan, who did not blame Liang for her mother's death. Due to the modernizing, magic is slowly fading from the world and Yan has increasing difficulty transforming back into her fox form. Liang eventually moves to Hong Kong and works as a train engineer, becoming very skilled with machines.

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One night, he meets Yan once again, now permanently stuck in human form. Unable to hunt, she is forced to rely on her beauty to seduce men for money. As she states, she now lives by the very thing Liang accused her mother of: bewitching men. After they part ways once more, Liang slowly develops his skills into more advanced robotic engineering.

Yan returns to him once more, this time asking for his help. Since their last parting, she was drugged by the Governor of Hong Kong, who forcibly subjected her to surgery that transformed her organic body into a machine, turning her into a cyborg sex toy for his twisted perversions. The Governor could only be aroused by machines and forced Yan to become his personal sex toy.

Unable to bear it any longer, Yan killed him. Now, Yan returns to Liang asking for his help, wishing to hunt once more, but this time hunt those who oppress their people. Liang agrees. Using his skills, he slowly replaces and upgrades Yan's mechanical body with a flexible chrome body. Upon completion, Yan consumes a bowl of coal, activating her machine body and allowing her to transform into a robotic Huli Jing. Liang wishes Yan "good hunting" and they part ways.

Yan gracefully leaps across the industrial city before cornering three men preparing to sexually assault a young woman. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ]. Categories :. Cancel Save.For anyone confused about the ending to the eighth episode of Love, Death and Robots allow us to help!

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In a tragic twist of fate, Liang the son of a spirit hunter befriends and forms a strong bond with a shapeshifting Huli Jing. After leaving their village Liang had grown to become an engineer working on English trains.

Meanwhile, Yan had become a sex worker for English clients, ironically targeting and seducing men so that she can survive. Thanks to the industrial revolution magic continues to be stripped from the world stopping Yan from transforming into her Huli Jing form.

Yan expresses her desire to hunt but can no longer take part. Refusing to lay with the client any further, in a bout of rage, she ripped apart his jaw, igniting her feral desire to hunt once more.

Yan through the use of her new body can transform into her Huli Jing form and hunt freely in the city of Hong Kong. Meanwhile, a distressed woman runs through the streets of Hong Kong.

The woman reaches a dead end and is approached by the group of men chasing her. Before the men can do any harm Yan arrives in her Huli Jing form hunting the men that dare do harm.

Love, Death & Robots Episode 8: Good Hunting Ending Explained

Yan in her new Huli Jing form — Copyright. The ending is laden with irony as is the story throughout. Now having a form she can use to hunt, her prey has become men, hunting those that would defile women. Liang and Yan would likely continue their friendship if possible. Yan now an autonomous machine will likely live forever, free to hunt who she wishes. Latest Netflix News.

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See our picks. Title: Good Hunting 15 Mar The son of a spirit hunter forges a bond with a shape-shifting huli jing. Slower paced ep. Deeper story than most eps.

good hunting love death robots

Touching Story. Good: plot, writing, great plot twist.

good hunting love death robots

Meh: animations. Sign In. Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends.

Love, Death and Robots -- "Good Hunting" edit

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External Reviews. Metacritic Reviews.The series currently consists of one season containing eighteen episodes and has been renewed for another season. This wiki was founded on March 3rd, by Jaelltijdje and is currently administered by Muskette. Before you begin editing, be sure to read our Community Policies and don't forget to reach out to me if you need help with anything. It should go without saying, but it shall be said anyway: this entire wiki is a spoiler-fest.

If you haven't watched the entire first season, you should probably do so before reading the wiki. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Sonnie's Edge The first episode of the first season.

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Three Robots The second episode of the first season. The Witness The third episode of the first season. Suits The fourth episode of the first season. Sonnie's Edge. Three Robots. The Witness. Sucker of Souls. When the Yogurt Took Over. Beyond the Aquila Rift.

Good Hunting. The Dump. Shape Shifters.The son of a spirit hunter forges a bond with a shape-shifting huli jing. For an enhanced browsing experience, get the IMDb app on your smartphone or tablet. Get the IMDb app. This story was originally written by best selling Chinese author Ken Liu and is featured in his book of short stories "The Paper Menageri.

Can Jay Pharoah stay as cool as ice on the ice? Ross Lynch fires pucks all over the place as he teaches Jay how to be a hockey goalie in the "Special Skills" season finale. Watch the video. Sign In. Good Hunting 15 Mar. Added to Watchlist. Critic Reviews. Matthew Yang King. Gwendoline Yeo. Maddox Henry. Sumalee Montano. JB Blanc. Director: Oliver Thomas. Writers: Tim Miller created byPhilip Gelatt. Facebook Twitter E-mail. Slower paced ep. Deeper story than most eps.

Touching Story.

good hunting love death robots

Good: plot, writing, great plot twist. Meh: animations. Did You Know? Trivia This story was originally written by best selling Chinese author Ken Liu and is featured in his book of short stories "The Paper Menageri. More To Explore Search on Amazon.Another technical wonder, the uncanny valley is in full effect for "Aquila Rift", which features human-like CGI.

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A space captain wakes up from a hypersleep to find his ship drastically off course and stationed at a leftfield checkpoint. During a fling with an old love interest, Gretta, he begins to question what's actually happening; Gretta eventually drops the facade.

It turns out they're nowhere near human civilization, now stuck in some biomechanical, insectoid hellscape where an arachnid with telepathic powers is creating a comforting reality for him to exist in, presumably until he dies.

Several other ships can be seen within the sprawling nest, a literal hive taking in stragglers as it slowly expands in its own bleak corner of space. Liang is an apprentice hunter who grows up to be a great inventor, maintaining a friendship with shape-shifter Yan who's losing her powers as technology infests the natural land.

Becoming a sex worker to survive, one of Yan's clients kidnaps her and turns her into a robot for his pleasure. After escaping her captivity, she turns to Yan for support, and Yan turns her robotic body into a shape-shifting mechanism that allows her to transform into a ferocious fox that now hunts predatory men on the streets of Hong Kong. A luckless land inspector is sent to get Ugly Dave to sign off on leaving his dump home as a new development doesn't fancy being near all the trash.

Dave agrees so long as the inspector listens to his story of his pet, Ollie. No ordinary trash-diving pest, Ollie is a mutant blob of rubbish that consumes sentient life to stay alive. This sounds ludicrous to the inspector, but he isn't doubting it much when Ollie swallows him at the end.

A simple reminder of the lives that are forgotten as the corporations dig a deeper hold. A base of soldiers finds out the enemy also have quasi-werewolves, and after his partner lycan is killed, Decker chooses not to reveal the whereabouts of his opposing wolfman so that he can have the pleasure of killing it himself.

Once he gets his revenge, Decker quits and walks out on the Marine Corps, becoming one with the wild once he gives his friend a proper burial. Doesn't say anything novel about the ongoing American presence in the region, but it doesn't need to. A female astronaut is stuck floating in space when her suit is damaged by floating debris, forced to stare as the space station she needs to get back to lies just out of reach and help too far away for her to rely on.

Eventually she has a brain-wave — make airtight seal around half her arm so she can detach part of the sleeve and throw it, propelling her towards solace. When the first throw doesn't work, she's then forced to be more drastic, shattering off her own forearm to have something else big enough to throw; the second try does the trick. Missing an arm, she checks back in with home base and begins her journey back to Earth, having seen both the beauty and horror the vacuum of space has to offer.

A father-and-son are visited by a sea of aquatic ghosts in the middle of the Arizona desert in "Fish Night", the spirits of the life that existed when the sand plane was filled with water. The pair are naturally enamored, but the son gets too excited, stripping naked and swimming among the multi-colored ghosts. A blood-red shark spots the son and goes on the prowl, and the father's cries falling on deaf ears until it's too late.

The shark gets its prey and the incredible light-show disappears with the son's body, leaving the dad all alone in the quiet desert heat. Prev 1 2 3. Share Tweet Email 0. Related Topics SR Originals netflix love death and robots.

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